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Oceanside Family Therapy & Assessments

Telemedicine - Telehealth/Teletherapy

Teletherapy and Telesupervision have been vastly growing in popularity since we were all hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and indoor mask mandates, making in person talk therapy less possible. 

What are the benefits to Telemental health, Teletherapy and Telesupervision?

The obvious answer is convenience! With just a laptop or your phone you can access our office services from the comfort of your own home, just make sure to find a private, confidential room in your home where you know you will not be interrupted and no one is listening in.

Safety - in these times of self isolating and "flattening the curve" it is much safer to stay home than to venture anywhere that you don't have to, especially during mandatory school closure weeks and for those with chronic risk factors like asthma, autoimmune disorders and compromised immune systems.

Time - it takes less time to fit in a session if you don't have to add travel time in. Also, at this practice we offer some sessions outside of regular office times to accommodate those who need late afternoon or evening appointments.

Cost - we are offering discounted rates (see below) for telehealth services, in addition to costs saved from traveling and gas.

Bad hair day or pink eye? If you prefer it or are nervous about the camera, simply turn off the video option or choose to call in instead!


Telehealth platforms are also offered to supplement in-person supervision sessions, as clinical therapists dealing with scheduling constraints will also benefit from all of the advantages listed above.

Clinical Supervision for Therapists

For more information on rates, payment, scheduling and our virtual waiting room please see links below:

As seen an interviewed in:

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Please enter the HIPPA compliant Virtual Waiting Room through the button below at the time of you appointment. Nothing to download, you will be admitted by the therapist from the waiting room.

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for your Online Session

We accept paperwork and payments at the beach office during office hours 

or online for your convenience.

Teletherapy Consent Form

New Adult Client Forms

New Child  Intake Forms

Treatment Planning

Walk and Talk Therapy


Yoga/Mindfullness Informed Therapy

for Anxiety/Stress Relieve - Option

The following payment methods are available for your convenience. 

Payment apps may not have BBAs or be HIPPA complaint, please see below for options.

1st Teletherapy Session 60 mins (includes intake paperwork review and planning)
Teletherapy 45-50 mins session
Teletherapy 60 mins session
Teletherapy Parent Update 30 mins

Venmo - scan this QR code with your phone's camera and enter amount.

If you prefer a BBA option, bank transfer is available or you can deposit a check/cash directly to the Oceanside Family Therapy, LLC account at Wells Fargo.

Cash may be accepted in person at the office or

Zelle and Cashapp also.

Payment is due by the date of service.

75 mins session
90 mins session
2 hour session